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I was brought up in the north east of England and studied Fine Art in Edinburgh from 1964 to 1969 before moving south.

I live and work in north Bedfordshire where I share a studio with Jan Kilcoyne and am a member of Eagle Gallery Artists.

Corner of studio.jpg

A small corner of the studio. There is a lot of framed work to see, much of it reasonably large.

If you wish to make comments, have queries or would like to arrange a visit to the studio please email me at:

Although I have worked from a wide range of sources during my life, I have always been involved with those problems concerning that conflict between the 3-dimensional world and the flat surface of the canvas that occupied artists from the end of the C19th through much of the last century. The result is that I ease between abstraction and figuration, exploring ambiguities of space and the discrepancies and uncertainties that arise from suggestion rather than description.

Work evolves through experiment and an acceptance of the accidental as it deals with the ongoing processes of painting and the synthesis between medium and idea. In tackling the traditional underlying problems of expression and aesthetics I enjoy making deliberate references, exploit influences and often search for alternative outcomes to existing work. 

Over the last few years I have been drawn once more to our landscape heritage and although my work may be concerned with a particular place or subject, it is intended to be neither specific nor didactic, allowing viewers to make their own reading.

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